Clean Technology

By using disruptive technologies in power, transport, manufacturing and infrastructure, we develop scalable investment portfolios for our clients. We have worked in major project using clean technology. Our consultants have developed an expertise in the field of clean technology. Fields such as power, logistics, finance and automotives have also drawn knowledge for years.

In power field we have used clean coal, smart grid and metering technologies, energy storage solutions, renewable sources like solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and wind energy etc.
In transport, clean vehicles are used along with fuel cells and electric vehicles using hybrid and plug in batteries.

We also work with clients in conducting opportunities and technology assessment to further develop investment perspectives. We provide with overviews of global market of various clean technologies power sources and help develop new plans and opportunities.

We have guided various companies in using clean technology for their business. We also provide with outsourcing facility such as providing with resources and experts till they are able to hire their own staff. Through Joshua Mosshart, we help clients in developing international relationships and continue trades in various countries. We also provide with clean services in the field of logistics by energy storage and cold/dry warehousing.

Our manufacturing services are also entirely based on using clean technology in constructing and developing new ventures that are cost effective. We also advice clients in using these technologies by using modern energy efficient infrastructure and help them understand how this affects their industry structures in the long run.