Clean technology making its place in future of services

Top clean technology sectors:

Sustainable energy: The technologies used in producing sustainable energies are wind power, hydro electric power, solar energy, geothermal energy etc. Electricity is generated by using these power sources.

• Clean Water: Clean water is also used in treatment of water and wastewater management.

• Pollution reduction: Various firms and consultancy providers are using ways in reducing emission by using clean vehicles. Sustainable energy sources can also be used to reduce emission. Biofuel vehicles or electric vehicles can be used in place of petrol based vehicles. Also sensors monitoring pollution levels in a vehicle are a good way of reducing pollution.

• Recycling and waste treatment: A large number of parts of various consumer products can be recycled. Also reduced usage of toxic waste and reduction of produced toxic waste through various means can be part of clean technology.
Regulations in clean technology

The global drive in usage of clean technology is generally due to current state of climate change and its projected impacts in the future. Climate change is directly associated with our continuous usage and dependency on fossil fuels for energy. Industries are now required to reduce their impact on environment and for this government have issued regulations in controlled or no usage of these fuels.

How it will help the environment

• It will help in the slowing down of global warming. With the help of clean technology usage, the climate changes can be slowed down.

• Providing clean energy, clean technology not only helps in reduction of emission but also help in reduced depletion of fuels.

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