Social Stream

Joshua Mosshart believes in going for a principle approach to the business and this starts with company’s value system. We believe in operating in ways that are not just fundamental in nature but also let you meet responsibilities in the field of human rights, labour, environment and anticorruption. We are very well aware of the business responsibilities and enact these principles in whichever field we make our presence in be it manufacturing, due diligence, logistics or financing and international trade. We at Joshua Mosshart are very well aware of the effects of good practice and know that their use do not harm in other fields as well.

We are following the ten principles given by UN Global Compact and using them in building strategies for our services. Long term success is our basic staging area where we are establishing work by establishing a culture of integrity and upholding responsibilities of people as well as planet.Our human rights principles include supporting and proclaiming human rights and making sure they not involve any abuses. Elimination of forced or compulsory labour is the key to our labour right. We also use clean technologies and initiate their usage by other companies. We make sure no business uses corruption in any form.